In the heart of Biopolis Dresden

Tatzberg 47
D - 01307 Dresden

Location Manager: Gundi Hoelzer-Czech

Phone: + 49 351 796 3030
Fax: +49 351 796 3999

E-Mail: Mrs Hoelzer-Czech


Research and industry under one roof

The BioInnovationsZentrum is a business incubator which unites the advantages of these two fields, creating the basis for cooperation on a whole new level. Synergies are precisely defined and their use efficiently organised.

The BioInnovationsZentrum is a regional centre of excellence which strengthens connections between industrial institutions, the University of Technology and non-university research institutes. On one hand, this "Innovation Alliance" provides the financing and infrastructure needed to put this exciting research mission into practice in life sciences; on the other hand it brings together the elite and young blood from the worlds of science and industry.

Another unique selling point for the centre is its unusually diverse range of service facilities. As well as a comprehensive equipment pool, various services, provided centrally, enable our tenants to save time and money, increasing their efficiency.

One special feature of the Dresden's development as a biotech location is the focus on the location's clearly-defined profile: molecular bio-engineering. Dresden knows what it is best at and makes the most of these skills: the city's long, successful tradition of engineering science has merged with the ambitious newcomer, biotechnology, giving it an unbeatable competitive stance, not only in practical applications, but even before that, in the research and development groups' projects.